» OXV-3D «




  • Aluminium frame (in gold, copper or silver color)
  • Swivel (360 degrees), gel front wheels with a lock function to travel straight-ahead
  • Easy to fix, gel rear wheels with central braking system
  • "CLICK" system for fastening stroller's elements to the frame
  • Parking system
  • A carrycot, a stroller's seat, a car seat can be fixed in rear or forward-facing position
  • Handle and a bumper bar covered by eco-leather
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Backrest regulation in a stroller's seat and a carrycot
  • Harness: five-point harness in the stroller's seat and three-point harness in the car seat
  • Ventilation in the booth
  • Detachable cover for legs in a carrycot, a stroller's seat and a car seat
  • Footrest regulation in the stroller's seat

In a set

  • Bag fastened at a handle
  • Rain-cover and a mosquito net for the stroller
  • Mug's holder

Possibility to assemblly MAXI COSI car seat or to buy CAPRI, KITE or Carlo car seat toghether with special adapters enabling assembly to the construction and are designed for children weight 0-10 kg.